I’m such a horrible blogger. A 7 month break from my last post…and that one was only my third one. orz I did warn you all that I was going to be slow as a turtle.

I could have done it faster…I just wasn’t so committed to it…I get distracted so easily it’s horrible. I like to start new things but always leave in the middle.

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CV (In the drama cd): Sugiyama Noriaki 「杉山紀彰」
Soushi, 28 years old, is the doctor of the Sirius crew and his bounty is 5million gold. He is like everyone’s older brother. If Captain Ryuuga is the dad then Soushi is definitely the mom. LOL He is the peacemaker of the ship. He’s also a feminist he can’t stand to see a woman being treated roughty and because of that fact women tend to fall in love with him easily but he’s so oblivious to their feelings.  However, since he is a doctor and truly kind he does go out his way to heal people, no matter who they are. I decided to choose him first because…I couldn’t go after Captain Ryuuga first! LOL I usually go after the characters I like the least first. So…Soushi looked the “most boring” to me so I went after him first. After playing his route I was glad that I was wrong and ended up being pleasantly surprised. LOL
I decided to split my posts into 2 parts so that way I can get things out faster – hence the Part 1 in the title.
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This is a mobile game from Voltage. They’re a well-known company in Japan for producing popular games aimed at women. Early this year they ported 恋に落ちた海賊王 for the iPhone and Japanese, cellphone, and Android. They even translated the game into English; the official title in English is Pirates in Love. In this report I will be talking about the Japanese version. It’s not because it’s better than the English version. They’re the same – it’s just that the Japanese version has released more things like epilogues for each character and side stories so I believe you will want that. LOL I will stick with the Japanese names. The heroine’s in Voltage’s games never have a default name, you have to make one up, and so for convenience sake I’ll refer to her as Sayaka. LOL Continue Reading »

Obligatory First Post…

I never thought I would join this…but of course I decided to in the end…
I might post slowly…because I seem to forgot about what happened after I finish the game.
So, I’ll be playing the game once to enjoy it and then playing it all over again and making notes while writing reviews. The games aren’t that long so I don’t mind. 

Um…anyway please read the About section to see what I’m going to be doing with this blog.

I hope you’ll be patient with me! (^^;)

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